Vii Snakes Present: Chapter 2 – Prime Minister Lyrics

June 23, 2017 10:32 am Published by

Whether phatic rhetoric or rhetorical Limerick
You’re a Faux-altruistic, self-serving, mono-metric,
Reduce the human condition to an economic unit,
Send elusive utopian visions into remission like a sunset,

A leader barely legitimised by the approval of the oppressed,
Hid brutality through the veil of frugality and suppressed us to,
a Dickensian debtor’s house for the crimes of the few,
The whip is abstract, symbiotic with the news,
the owner is elusive, you know we see through,
And think the chaos is controlled, there’s nothing we can do,

Deceptive form of slavery, at the behest and whim of algorithm,
Self-aggrandizing bravery, obsolesced stagnation of Thatcherism,

There is no world order but consolation in the chaos,
Constructive disobedience is amiss amidst the machines,


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